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Trafalgar Hardwood has developed close relationships with our suppliers to ensure you not only get a great quality luxury vinyl floor but that you pay a fair price and get a beautiful floor that will last for many years to come.

Our amazing brands include: Twelve Oaks. Purelux, Tosca, Grandeur, Twelve Oaks, Provenza, Woden, Elegant, Goodfellow and many more.

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What Clients Have To Say!

Thank you Ken and the whole team for doing an incredible job installing hardwood and tile throughout our new house. I was impressed by Ken’s communication, honesty, and organization. It was a big job, so it was great to see that everything was done on time, and the quality of work was top notch. I would trust them for any future projects as well!

– Natalia F.

We recently had all the floors and baseboards in our condo replaced by Trafalgar Hardwood. It was a big job and we were very happy with the work that was done. Ken and Amanda were great to work with – efficient, knowledgeable and personable. Thanks to Trafalgar Hardwood!

– Debbie B.

We were totally impressed with the service and support from the complete team. Their responsiveness was exemplary whenever they were called upon. We love the Vidar product we selected which was coached upon us from Edith and Margaret, thank you ladies! Let’s not forget Arthur for his knowledge and expertise. We would strongly suggest you pay them a visit if contemplating flooring!

– Angela B.

Luxury Vinyl

We offer Canada’s top brands for Luxury Vinyl!

WPC vs SPC – Which Luxury Vinyl Should You Choose?

The choice between SPC and WPC luxury vinyl flooring ultimately depends on the needs and preferences of the homeowner. Here are a few factors to consider:

1. Durability: If the flooring will be installed in a high-traffic area or in a commercial setting, SPC may be the better choice because it is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. If the flooring will be installed in a residential setting with lower foot traffic, WPC may be a good choice as it can offer sufficient durability and performance for most residential needs.

2. Comfort: If the homeowner is looking for a flooring option that is more comfortable underfoot, WPC may be the better choice because it has a softer, more cushioned feel. If comfort is not a primary concern, SPC can offer a rigid and sturdy surface that is easy to clean.

3. Sound Absorption: If the homeowner is concerned about noise levels, WPC can be a good choice as it tends to offer better sound absorption than SPC. This can be particularly important in multi-level homes or apartments where sound travels easily between floors.

Installation Methods

Vinyl floors typically have two types of locking systems:

Click Lock: This is the most common type of locking system for vinyl floors. It involves interlocking the planks or tiles together at an angle and then pressing them down to secure them in place. Click lock systems are easy to install and do not require any adhesive or glue.
Glue Down: This type of locking system involves applying an adhesive to the subfloor and then laying the vinyl planks or tiles on top of the adhesive. The planks or tiles are then pressed down to create a strong bond between the vinyl and the subfloor. Glue down systems are typically used in commercial settings or areas with heavy foot traffic because they provide a more secure and stable installation.

Locking Systems

The Valinge 5G and Drop Lock with 5Gi locking systems are both types of click-locking systems used for vinyl flooring installation.

The Valinge 5G locking system is a patented technology that includes a locking strip that clicks into place, providing additional strength and stability to the installation. It uses a tongue and groove system to lock the planks together at an angle, and is known for its ease of installation and durability.

The Drop Lock with 5Gi locking system, on the other hand, uses an angled tongue and groove system to create a tight and secure connection between the planks. It is a proprietary system developed by a specific flooring manufacturer, and is designed to be easy to use and provide a stable installation.

What’s The Best Thickness?

Low quality vinyl can be as thin as 4mm and have a wear layer of 10-12 MIL. Many of our budget friendly, more durable vinyl floors are 6-7mm and have a wear layer of 20 MIL. All click vinyl’s come with a underpad attached whether it be cork or IXPE. Some luxury vinyl have a sound rating so they can be install in a condominium. The best thickness really depends on your living situation and what your day-to-day needs are.

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Installation Services

At Trafalgar Hardwood, our team of expert installers boasts over 50 years of combined experience installing a wide range of high-quality flooring options, including Engineered and Solid Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl, and Laminate, as well as Porcelain and Ceramic Tile. We also offer skilled carpentry services to install interior doors, casings, and baseboards, ensuring a seamless finish to your home renovation project